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How to use YouTube to promote foreign trade websites?

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If you want to promote foreign trade websites, in addition to optimizing bidding, do foreign trade friends try other channels? Do you know foreigners’ social platforms? Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are no strangers, it is a good channel for developing customers. Today we talk about how to promote YouTube!

As the world's largest video website, YouTube ranks third in the world in traffic, second only to Facebook and Google. Not only that, YouTube is also the world's second-largest search engine, a promotion platform that we can use, and contains huge treasures. What are the YouTube promotion forms?

1. Find big shooters to cooperate with on YouTube

2. Encourage our real buyers to help us take a YouTube video review

3. The seller takes the video (or finds a professional person) and uploads it to his YouTube channel (this item depends on the specific situation of each seller)

How to do YouTube promotion?

1. Find true YouTube fans

There are many people who browse the videos you post on YouTube every day, but not every one will be your goal. Your task is to find viewers who really like your video content and product information. Because you need them to create a reputation effect. You know, the word-of-mouth effect on YouTube is a very advantageous tool, the key is whether you find the right person.

2. Hire communicators

The start of your YouTube word-of-mouth effect may be difficult. Because you have very few followers first, it is difficult to find people who truly love your channel; secondly, even if there are many followers, they may not be very effective. At this time you can hire a YouTube channel, let it spread for you, help you forward.


3. Use the title to attract attention

In the video you publish, the title is a key element, which to a certain extent determines whether the viewer will see your video in the first time among many videos. In terms of starting titles, you should try to be as close as possible to your video content and products; you can also use hotspots to integrate your own video content well.

It would be better if you could include your brand name in the title, but this applies to companies that are already well-known. If your company is just getting started, don’t use this, because the viewer will think your video will be very " Commercialization and advertising".

4. Make full use of tracking links

You can use YouTube to track links, not only to feed back the viewing information of each viewer, but also to successfully link to your company website, blog, and product page. At the same time, you can also put the tracking link on the YouTube channel you hire, so that you can better spread your brand in many directions.

5. Use search engines to optimize videos

SEO is becoming more and more important. You need to make sure that your video descriptions and tags on YouTube include the brand name and product keywords, which will benefit your search ranking on Google. Google has also recently "favored" YouTube. You may have just searched for a brand name, but the top few will be videos of the brand on YouTube. Spend some time focusing on your video keyword description, which will help you promote the brand in a subtle way.

The above 5 points can help you make better use of the YouTube platform for video promotion and marketing. If you make good use of it, it is a sharp sword to help you spread the brand, shape the image and obtain revenue.

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