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Three core issues that need to be paid attention to when building a foreign trade station

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Facing the numerous opportunities and challenges of the Internet, traditional enterprises need to transform, and they need to build their own websites to carry out marketing and promotion on the Internet. Especially for foreign trade enterprises, it is very necessary to establish a foreign trade station. So how should a foreign trade company build a station and what kind of website should it build? Today, the editor of Yuncheng Network Foreign Trade Station will discuss with you the three core issues of foreign trade station construction.

1. Positioning of corporate website

The most basic element of the positioning of an enterprise website is to echo the original positioning of the enterprise. In terms of product positioning, the company has a good grasp of the audience, selling points, and corporate product image in the original marketing ideas. However, in the process of transition to the Internet, they are often at a loss and are simply pursuing the high-end atmosphere of the website. At this time, the enterprise needs to realize that the beauty of the website is important, but its core is still selling its own products. Blindly pursuing high-end is not necessarily what customers want and like.

When an enterprise locates a website, it must connect with its own traditional marketing product ideas, and communicate the selling point of the product to consumers through website design as quickly and effectively as possible for this purpose. In addition, you should know that the Internet has a lot of traffic, but each consumer has little time to leave a website. This means that in a short period of time, the website attracts consumers through the graphics on the web page, and then achieves retention. Consumer purpose. Therefore, the positioning of the website needs to be considered based on product characteristics, consumer habits, and the combination of demand-based website design.

2. Design elements in website design

The emergence of H5 makes the animation effects of web pages dazzling and diverse. The design of many well-known domestic corporate websites makes people feel comfortable to browse and has a good visual browsing experience. How do these websites do it? From the perspective of website design, you need to start with the design elements of the website, such as website navigation, Its importance is self-evident. For this important website element, when designing navigation links, you need to carefully prepare a categorized link system. Be sure to add the most important parts of the website and the content that users care about to the website. In the navigation bar, the user experience of the website will be doubled.

In addition, we must also consider the optimization of the website code, the appropriate selection of server space capacity, what kind of website main color to choose, and so on. In short, every user likes a website style with clear and clear structure, rich content and clear regulations. He can find the information he wants to know in the shortest time without being disturbed by too much visual pollution.

3. Website promotion and optimization

Website optimization is a crucial step for enterprises, but many enterprises lack knowledge about website optimization and promotion, and often go to the two extremes. Either after the website is built, it will be put aside for customers to come to the door, or it will invest a lot of money. Do blind promotion. Both of these are undesirable. We must know that the construction cost of the website is much lower than that of the physical store, but the promotion cost of the website is not lower than that of the physical store, and the difficulty is also relative to the physical store. Be bigger. Keep in mind that you can't ignore it or promote it blindly. You must invest in promotion programs according to the actual situation of the enterprise and consumer groups.

The editor of Yuncheng Network's foreign trade website reminds that in the promotion and optimization of daily websites, the website content must be updated in a timely manner, and it must be regular. For example, the website content is scheduled to be updated on Wednesdays and Fridays every week. The weight is very high, and the content of the article, preferably original, will also increase the weight of the website. Appropriately adding some high-quality external links can exchange links with related industry websites, which is also a good way to increase the weight.

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