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How to promote foreign trade website through fecebook?

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In recent years, Facebook's development momentum is fierce. At present, the number of users has exceeded 1.5 billion, more than half of the total number of Internet users worldwide. Foreign trade enterprises want to promote foreign trade websites, and they inevitably do not want to let go of such a good platform, which is why the Facebook ban is so strong, there are still many people who do not give up. Since everyone is using it, today we will talk about how to do product promotion on facebook!

First of all, don’t have the idea of madly adding friends. It’s really silly and naive, so that your account will be banned in a few days, and some may not even be unblocked.

Facebook promotion is skillful, look down slowly.

First, improve personal information

Facebook is a communicative community. People like to find people or things that interest them, so how to write a personalized material that will make people shine is what everyone must study.

Second, find the right target group

As we all know, to achieve the best results in Facebook promotion, the most basic step is to find the right target group. Therefore, if we want to use Facebook to achieve the desired promotion and marketing results, we must first distinguish which group of friends should be added. Here is a trick to try to find influential and well-known people in the interpersonal circle you search. There are three ways to find friends:

(1) Friends of friends

We first add some friends in the circle, and it is best to have some connections in the circle. Then check their friends, and then expand your circle of friends step by step.

(2) Search

If your target group is not very concentrated and is not suitable for the first way, then tell you another method: for example, we are located in music enthusiasts. The first step is to determine which ones are the most famous music schools in the world. Then, in Facebook's friend search, almost all music lovers are searched according to these conditions.

(3) Attract others to actively add you

This method is suitable for those who feel too tired and troublesome to take the initiative. To put it this way: if our goal is to be a star fan, you can add some star fan communities, register IDs with star names, and maintain a certain degree of activity in the community, naturally there will be fans of that star to add you.


Third, make good use of graffiti walls

Put some more interesting information in the graffiti wall and photo folder, more funny and valuable information. Graffiti Wall is an instant message publishing tool. You can post text, photos, videos and links. Your friends can see the information you posted in real time in their activities. If you have enough friends, then your Graffiti wall is the best stage to show your dynamics. Of course, it is very necessary to promote the link of the website in real time.

Fourth, information update

Keeping up to date must keep up to date with all kinds of information on your facebook including blog posts. This will continue to attract traffic.

Fifth, get active

How to make your facebook homepage attract more attention or leave the deepest impression? In addition to not always acting against the sky, you must be active. Participate in other people’s blog sharing and participate in various circles

Sixth, put what you need most on the homepage

Identify which applications you need Facebook's many applications, pick the ones you are best at and need on your homepage, such as link posting and blogs.

Seventh, use Facebook's advertising network

Facebook provides its website's internal advertising alliance, which can also be said to be ppc. This feature is a paid function, depending on the use of the heroes themselves. Facebook promotion is actually not that difficult, as long as you take it seriously, it will not let you down.

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