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Resigning from the old and welcoming the new, Yuncheng Network held the 2017 Annual Conference Ceremony!

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Time flies, and shuttles over the years. 2017 passed quietly, we review glory and gain; 2018 has arrived, we are full of fighting spirit and hope. In the new year, along with passion and challenges, Yuncheng Network has entered a new chapter in platform development.


On February 5, 2018, the "Dream Takes Off * The Year of the Hegemony Dog" Yuncheng Network Annual Conference was grandly held. All employees of Yuncheng Network and the company's leaders and friends gathered together for a celebration.

At the annual meeting, Mr. Zhang Yong, general manager of Yuncheng Network, summarized the development of Yuncheng Network in 2017 and prospected the company's development in 2018,


Mr. Zhang Yong, general manager of Yuncheng Network, said in his speech: The tense and busy 2017 has passed, and with the efforts of all employees, excellent results have been achieved. This year, I hope to use economic development and technological development to promote the company's development, lead all employees to work together, successfully complete the company's 2018 corporate goals, do a good job in Internet operations, and return the partners with the best services. Happiness, good health, and good luck! At the annual meeting, the company awarded awards to dozens of outstanding employees, management elites, company role models, etc., and called on all employees to learn from them, learn that they are responsible and responsible for their positions, especially for small children. I look after the overall team spirit! Company executives issued certificates and prizes to them, encouraging them to guard against arrogance and impatience, and to play a leading role in the new year and make new contributions.


The annual meeting not only brought cheers and laughter to everyone, but also brought colleagues' hearts closer together. The company's leaders interacted with the employees, and the employees showed their affection. The singing, applause, and cheers were always on the venue. The climax of the whole party continued, the joy and harmony of Yuncheng Network as a big family!


In the face of 2018, we are full of longing and passion. We will always adhere to our original intention, always be oriented by user needs, uphold the integrity of business philosophy, pioneer and innovate, forge ahead, and continue to move towards the overall goal of Yuncheng Network.

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