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How to improve own optimization technology in the promotion of foreign trade websites?

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In the promotion of foreign trade websites, every optimizer hopes that spiders can like their website, but this process is not simple. In fact, it is not difficult to promote foreign trade websites, but it is because you focus too much on optimization and cause problems on the website itself, resulting in search engine rankings not keeping up. Yuncheng Network Editor recommends that you do these five aspects in the promotion of foreign trade websites and improve your own optimization technology!

1. In the promotion of foreign trade websites, if you understand HTML, you will see the CCS code

First of all, we must admit that no search engine likes sites with bloated and unreasonable code. The bloated website code not only slows down the website's access speed but is also not easily crawled by search engines. Therefore, if you want to do a good search engine ranking of the website, you must first understand the HTML code and understand CCS, and eliminate all unreasonable codes on the website.

2. The website will be built during the promotion of foreign trade websites

The website here will not only refer to the purchase of domain names and space, just upload and install. You must understand how to buy a domain name, choose a space, choose a program, and prevent attacks. If you purchase a free space upload program, the early stage will not affect anything, but the later stage will bring great hidden dangers to your website. Regardless of which search engine, you value the quality of your space and the safety of your website.

3. Professional keyword analysis in the promotion of foreign trade websites

In the early stage of website construction, you must set your website keywords. You must understand what competitors your website keywords have? How popular are the keywords? The strength of your competitors? If your website's keywords are too hot, it may not rank for a long time; and your website The keyword is too cold, although it is easy to be ranked first, but it can not introduce too much flow.

4. Understand the principles of foreign trade website promotion and optimization

Each search engine has its own set of website ranking rules. If you want your website to get a good ranking, then your website must meet the rules of a search engine. Among them, website optimization is divided into off-site optimization and on-site optimization. The most common off-site optimization is friendly links and out-links, while on-site optimization needs to optimize several aspects of your website's inner link, content quality, code, keywords and space stability, security and so on. It is required that the optimizer must understand the relevant program code and the technical content is high.

5. Pay attention to the latest developments

No matter which search engine is constantly changing the rules of the search engine. Webmasters need to pay attention to the dynamic information of search engines every day, and improve the shortcomings of the website in time. Prevent the misunderstanding of search optimization and cause the loss of website ranking.

Do a good job in these aspects, I believe your foreign trade website promotion and optimization will become very easy. Of course, in addition to the above five points, one of the most important aspects of optimization is persistence. As long as you insist on optimizing the website every day, I believe that your website will soon meet your expectations.

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