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How is the content page optimized in the promotion and optimization of foreign trade websites?

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The method and benefits of optimizing the content page of the website in foreign trade website promotion and optimization. Whether it is a large station or a small station, most of the traffic comes from the content page, so we must pay attention to it. Yuncheng Network Foreign Trade Website Promotion Optimization Editor first talks about the content page The optimization method is actually the same as the promotion and optimization of the entire foreign trade website.

Because the information on the content page is the most abundant, highlight and link the important keywords presented in each content page, and point to the relevant page or home page. The advantage is that it can increase the reasonable internal chain and guide the crawling crawling of search engine spiders, and effectively transfer the weight.

If you add a reasonable internal chain, you can effectively improve the user experience and reduce the bounce rate. When the user finds this article, the content is what she needs, and you can join the internal chain reasonably at this time to guide Users watch connected articles. This is the most important point in content optimization. It may not be specific, as long as you understand.

Why do we need to optimize internal pages in the promotion and optimization of foreign trade websites? Because no matter what industry website you are, the keywords are hundreds or thousands, and even more, only the content page can display more related keywords, and the home page is only a fixed number, you can not all The keywords are on the homepage. So this is one, and the other is regularity. Different keywords can be divided into different groups, and these groups can be said to be the columns of the website. Deploying relevant keywords under the column is not only beneficial to optimization, but also allows users At a glance, find something you want to know more quickly.

Yuncheng Network's foreign trade website promotion and optimization editor finally talks about the content, why did it last? Because original or non-original does not play a decisive role in ranking, an original does not necessarily have a good ranking, and a pseudo-original does not necessarily have a good ranking. It can only be said that the original will occupy a small part of it, and Most of the remaining reasons depend on the two issues mentioned above. First, let this article be liked by users. The second is whether the layout of the entire page is refreshing and whether the advertisement affects browsing.

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