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What is H5 responsive website

Responsive website is the corresponding operation and layout according to user behavior and device environment during website development process. The website can be intelligently adjusted for different platforms, sizes and orientations, and can be maintained on various smart mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets The effect of smooth browsing, and the website data can be synchronized and updated on any browsing terminal.

One station adaptive multiple terminal equipment

PC, PAD, mobile phone, micro official website, different terminal website maintenance and update simultaneously

Advantages of responsive websites

The advantages of responsive websites

Do you also want a responsive website that can bring you overseas customers?

The difference in quality

  • Mobile display messy
  • Incomplete page display
  • Affect user experience
  • Not conducive to website ranking
  • Missed mobile users
  • According to the terminal intelligent typesetting
  • One website, one system
  • One investment, three times return
  • Responsive is more conducive to ranking
  • Focus on mobile customer experience

Responsive website case display

Responsive website case show