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Product launch optimization and P4P operation skills in the operation of Ali International Station

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In the operation of Ali International Station, do a good job of product correlation, and the correlation includes matching degree and preference, which is the most important and fundamental of the platform. If you don't do good relevance, your windows and post-p4p are all problems. If you don’t like it, you can’t create more traffic that can’t be harvested, and it can only be a ranking that is not enough. So it can be said that the preference is the depth of matching.

Alibaba International is still there. Operators must make a few points when releasing products. 1 The collation of keywords is a premise and must be well preserved. A table of popular words and common words is often used when a certain type of product is released. Use modifiers related to this industry rather than overly general modifiers. 2 Before launching the product, do the product model numbering, do a good job of organizing the folder of the picture, group it in the picture bank and upload it all, leave both hands ready, generally publish the product folder, optimize the direct product model search. !

Window products are mainly made of popular words. First choose the words and then use this word to search for the product with the best effect on the platform. Generally, this word is used on this product. The three words made by the window are best to be logically included, and then find the popular modifiers of the product, make a record of the window table at intervals, so as to facilitate the later observation of data and modification!

In the operation of Ali International Station, I am also learning about P4p, and I will briefly talk about some of my understanding. I think P4p wants to do well. I think it should be done in mixed dimensions. Mixed dimension is a word I say. How do I understand it? It is the result of a grouping resulting from the consideration of various dimensions and can be accurate and efficient according to the grouping. bid. Real-time tracking of multiple bids, more observations and more reflections.In terms of dimensions, I will simply talk about a few dimensions, which dimensions are used for integration, and how much energy is required for each dimension.It needs to be judged according to the actual situation of the platform.It needs to be judged based on the operator's experience and ability , Price dimension, there are high bidding and low bidding, natural ranking dimensions, to give a simple example, a word out of 10 yuan can be ranked from the third page to the top five of the first page, a word out of 15 yuan from the first Page 25 ranks in the top five of the first page, so it is necessary to pay attention, and then the usual ones, high exposure dimension, high click dimension, feedback phrase dimension, most of these dimensions are from the original product grouping itself The dimension evolved, in fact, it was reorganized from the perspective of effect!

The problem of product optimization is also a major responsibility for the operation of Ali International Station. With the upgrade of my product background and the redefinition of the concept of zero effect, we need to rearrange our thinking. Don’t say too much here, remind a few points, use the effective products and product groups in more conditions in my product. As for high exposure and low click or high click and low feedback, just optimize according to your own understanding. No longer!

In the operation of Ali International Station, if it is a factory, it will more reflect the advantages of your manufacturer. If it is a foreign trade company, it will reflect your professionalism and make the other party feel that you are reliable.

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