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What are the specific methods for making foreign trade websites?

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Ycheer Network's foreign trade website production believes that webpages have meaning only if they are linked into websites, that is to say, the production of webpages is actually the production of foreign trade websites. The beginning of webpage production should be considered from the perspective of a website, and strive to make follow-up Can easily plan the site! So what are the specific methods for making foreign trade websites?

1. Establish a goal plan

In the process of website planning, first of all, it should be clear what the purpose of foreign trade website production is. After the establishment of the site goals, we must organize ideas and edit them into documents to print out as a reference for work. We must first consider solving this problem when we encounter problems. Is it conducive to the realization of site goals? Only if the answer is yes, it is necessary to spend time to solve this problem!

2. Define analysis target users

The browsers who access the Internet may come from different regions, use different browsers, and access the site at different connection speeds. These factors will directly affect the user's use of the site. We have to make a choice among all visitors because the website is in It is impossible to satisfy all visitors at the same time. There are three main ways to make the website satisfy more target users!

First, consider the people who may be interested in the website, define the target users who visit the site in these people, and then from the perspective of the target user, consider what they need for the site, so as to maximize the production site with the target user The desire is unified, so that the goal of establishing a site can be approached or achieved, so as to achieve the greatest success!

Secondly, do some questionnaire surveys in the society, or get some suggestions from relatives, friends, classmates, friends, what kind of website do they like best, or simply publish the website first, set up a feedback information page in the site, from the browser Get the actual information, and then improve the website!

Again, determine the style of the site

Determine the overall style of the site, that is, determine the form of the website content when the foreign trade website is produced, including the layout structure, colors, fonts, logo graphics and images used on the web page!

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