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We have already made the paid ranking of Ali International Station, do we still need to operate on behalf of it?

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Many customers who have operated Ali International Station will think that we have already paid for it. Do we not need someone to operate our Ali International Station? I believe many foreign trade companies will face such confusion. Today Yuncheng Network is small The editor will solve your worries for everyone!

Paid ranking is a payment provided by Ali International. It is similar to Baidu’s bidding ranking. If your product is relatively unpopular, it may cost less. If your industry is more popular, such as clothing and machinery, dozens of a year The cost of 10,000 is also possible. His advantage is that he can display more products, but the disadvantage is that the cost is uncontrollable. If you are doing a relatively unpopular industry, ranking alone is not enough, you must use soft text and other marketing methods to increase the overall exposure of the store, which is not paid ranking. And paid ranking only solves the exposure. Both inquiries and deals require adjustments within the website to attract customers.

The hosting service is to improve the overall exposure, clicks and enquiries by adjusting the internal structure of the store, improving the quality of product information, modifying keyword settings, and beautifying the interior pages. We do not use single keywords to increase store exposure. In this way, the effect obtained by the enterprise will be better!

In summary, many companies are now looking for the hosting company of Ali International Station, and one thing is for sure, the current hosting companies are springing up more and more. The editor of Yuncheng Network recommends that all the bosses carefully choose hosting Companies need to find companies that are responsible and capable of doing well in the operation of Ali International Station.

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