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How to analyze peers in the construction of foreign trade websites?

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From the perspective of people who have become popular in Ycheer Network's foreign trade website construction company, foreign trade enterprises can not only focus on their own business development when building foreign trade website, but also need to analyze their peers and understand their opponents in a multi-faceted manner, so that they know each other and know everything. So, how do you analyze your peers?

1. Domain name

When building a foreign trade website for an enterprise, it is best not to look only at the immediate interests and needs, but to consider clearly some of the needs that may exist in the future. You should know that the official website cannot be discarded casually, otherwise the trust of enterprises in the minds of Japanese users will be relatively low. The domain name is very important for the development of the website. If our website domain name is closer to the nature of the industry and easier to remember than the competitors, then the competitors will be very headache after seeing it.

2. Keywords

The determination and layout of keywords are also not negligible for the construction of foreign trade websites. An excellent layout can allow a company's website to get a better ranking in a short time. But if you choose the wrong keywords or put them in the wrong place, this website can hardly improve. At this time, companies should carefully study the keywords of competitors' websites to see what loopholes can be caught. For example, if they do very few keywords, then we will do more to grab traffic; if the other party has a large number of keywords, then we will refine a few core keywords to win with quality.

In short, there are quite a few foreign trade companies now. If companies want to make their business better than their competitors, they must overwhelm their competitors in all aspects, so that more overseas users will notice their brands and products. At this point, the role of the company's official website is critical, and Yuncheng Network Foreign Trade Website Construction Company hopes that everyone can pay more attention to competitors' dynamics.

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