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Yuncheng Network held employee birthday party in February-February 2018

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On the afternoon of June 11, 2018, in order to promote the company culture and let employees feel the warmth of the textile family, they affirm and thank the employees for their long-term hard work and express the company's care for employees. The company's trade union committee is 2- The employees who have a birthday in March hold a birthday Party, and the birthday stars of all departments of the company gather together, and everyone is happy and happy!


"Wish me happy, beautiful, enthusiastic, healthy, confident and energetic employees, happy birthday! May you use your laughter and joy to infect your partners heartily!


This is another starting point for the journey of life. I hope you can continue to run unremittingly, and you will be greeted by the beautiful and infinitely charming future! "All employees of Yuncheng Network wish you a happy birthday!

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