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What should Twitter marketing do in social media marketing?

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There are many aspects of foreign trade website promotion worth learning, Google bidding, Google seo, then foreign social media marketing facebook, twitter, linkedin and so on. There are still many methods, and I will share them one by one in the future. Today, let’s talk about how to use Twitter to promote foreign trade ingeniously?

For most people, Twitter is more used for social entertainment. It not only has the function of social entertainment. For foreign traders, it can also introduce traffic to the website, obtain sales leads, and make up transactions.

1. Basic settings of enterprise account

1. Real-name system: Twitter is mostly a real-name user, so if you want to use Twitter to diversion, you'd better register with real name when registering, so that other users think you are a credible real person or enterprise.

2. Appropriate and easy-to-remember net name: The net name you pick will be displayed in the URL customized by Twitter for users, such as " website address" or " discussion topic", this The URL address will become the static address of the search index. And your user name can increase the credibility of the identity, when other users search, your user name will appear in the search results.

3. Corporate and personal data: Include your brand or store name in the data as much as possible. Your Twitter profile will be compiled into the search engine, so the profile content should maintain a good relevance to Twitter. And no matter who you follow, you will see your data, so you should write your personal data as the most important Tweet.

2. Continuous tweets

You don't "voice", where can I get to know you? This is the most basic requirement for continuous tweets, and it is also essential for brushing a sense of presence. Of course, it’s still the same sentence. Brushing the sense of presence does not mean that you have to swipe the screen to make you want to directly shield you. Please hold a degree so that it is not annoying. WeChat circle of friends is a good example.


3. Make full use of the follow function

How to follow more people in the shortest time? You can use free twitter tools from abroad like TwittrAdder. On this, you only need to enter your twitter account password, and you can follow 20 friends at once. You can open multiple windows at the same time, you can follow more people. For example, if you open five windows at a time, the number of followers after a round is 10, and you can follow 100 people in ten rounds, and there will be thousands of followers a month. You can also get more numbers at the same time. In this process, you are going to find very active users in the industry. You can follow them to see what they are paying attention to and be targeted.

Fourth, with the help of celebrity effect

You can be a celebrity in Twitter abroad, it is best to be related to your product personage, or his content is related to your product. The first time she tweeted to reply, there will be many people replying after you, you are in front, will Many people order to see you. Every time you are in front, there will be many people who follow you.

Fifth, use the search function of Twitter

Now the internal search results of twitter are ranked according to time. As long as you are up-to-date, relevant keywords will be ranked in front of you. If you keep updating around a keyword, you will be ranked in front of twitter search. In addition, Google search results began to incorporate Twitter results. In this case, as long as your Twitter is up to date and contains keywords, before others have not updated, you will be in front of Twitter and displayed on the Google homepage.

6. Launching activities on Twitter

Of course, this kind of activity must first attract Twitter users and let them participate actively, and to attract them, the most practical way is to have a certain return, of course, the material return is the best.

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