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How do foreign trade stations make visitors like it?

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The editor of Yuncheng Network's foreign trade website found that many foreign trade companies have good products and good quality, but they don't know how to express it to make visitors like it, and they don't know it is not good, they think it is already very good, but Visitors are not interested. How to make your visitors like you by seeing your website. The key here is to hit the visitor and make him interested.

Tell a joke that the bunny went fishing, the first day did not catch it, the second day did not catch it, the third day also did not catch it, he was downcast and ready to go, then the fish in the fish pond jumped Get up and say: "You little rabbit, if you take another carrot to fish, I will not slapping you!"

You might smile when you see this joke, yes, rabbits are fishing with carrots they like to eat. Where does it know that fish are not interested in carrots at all! There is no point of interest in finding fish, no right bait, and naturally no fish can be caught. In online marketing, the story of carrot fishing is very common. I can often see that many companies in the marketing process, regardless of whether customers like it or not, as long as they think it is okay, are all fanfare.

The editor of Yuncheng Network's foreign trade website is here to fall in love with you at the first glance. It means that your visitors can generate interest when they visit your website. There can be selling points that are of interest to visitors. This selling point may be mining. The visitor’s pain makes the visitor really feel yes. At present, I am officially in this painful state, can you tell me how to solve it; or is it to shape the value of the product, the product sales are not selling the product itself, but the benefits brought by the product, The product can solve the consumer's problem; or to create an atmosphere of the commodity, the purchase is not the commodity itself, but an atmosphere and emotion of the commodity.

Sometimes we are selling a product or a service, but the visitor needs may not be the product or the service itself. Men in the workplace may not buy a suit, but a decent and business feeling; fashionable women may not want to buy a bag, Buying is a fashionable feeling; instead of making a website, a company needs to obtain a better online marketing effect through a valuable website and gain value for the enterprise. As Li Ka-shing said, the car drives into the gas station, the purpose is not to refuel, but to leave the gas station as soon as possible and move towards its goal.

The editor of Yuncheng Network Foreign Trade Station reminds everyone that if you want visitors to like you, you need to find the selling point. How to find the selling point? Selling points should be found through the needs of visitors, and customers only need to create the points they need.

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