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Should foreign trade companies find Ali International Station to operate on their behalf?

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The editor of Yuncheng Network found that most of the user shops operated by Ali International Station were not very effective due to the following reasons:

Survey on the status of export pass:

1. Information production, no. Many business owners will not upload Alibaba product information.

2. There is no time, many business owners, business is very busy, there is no time to take care of.

3. Want to hire people to take care of it. However, employees' salaries are high. Worried about input and output.

4. Unprofessional, Alibaba's continuous innovation and revision, enterprises can not keep up with its pace

5. The use effect is very poor, no business.

Many bosses want to improve the effectiveness of the store, spend money to buy rankings, and finally find that the exposure rate is rising in vain, and the inquiry rate is still very few. The money is really burning, which makes people hurt, and they can only scold Alibaba for money. Some bosses hire someone to take care of it, but the results are mediocre. After all, the requirements for the operation of the store are getting higher and higher. If it is not professional, it is impossible to do well, because the care of the store involves art, copywriting, operation, etc., so There is now a professional third-party hosting company.

What are the advantages of third-party escrow, and why should we find a third-party escrow company?

The company has already found someone to manage the export-oriented stores, do they still need to be managed?

1. Cost comparison:

E-commerce marketing is currently one of the most popular positions in the job market. For some top talents, they have already worked in large enterprises in domestic first-tier cities, and their starting salaries are basically above 100,000 per year. Some talents who are relatively experienced and capable have chosen to start their own businesses, such as Taobao, Paipai, and website alliance. Their income will also be higher than 80,000/year. The staff belong to the newly graduated college students, they lack practical experience, have little understanding of the entire e-commerce process, and generally have this job with business reception. Their income requirements are not very high, generally between 40,000 and 50,000 /Year or so. The cost of escrow is generally in the range of 1-2 million per year. From the perspective of labor costs, doing escrow is more advantageous than inviting people.

2. Professional comparison

The professional export pass escrow company has detailed research and understanding on export pass, and has formed a standardized operation process, such as information editing requirements, keyword setting, product update time, etc., which are summarized through a lot of practice , And it is very difficult for college students who have just graduated; at the same time, export is only the initial stage of the entire e-commerce, if companies want to expand a larger market in e-commerce, you need more professionals and advertising Invest.

3. Risk comparison

Brain drain is the biggest headache for enterprises at present. When you spend a lot of energy to develop a talent, he leaves the company due to an accident or some special reasons, which results in the company's e-commerce being shelved. The loss for the company is considerable. . As for the hosting company, their professional talents are intensive and can help you complete the operation process on time.

Therefore, professional people do professional things, Ali International Station operations still need to find someone with professional operating experience to do it, let the time of foreign trade clerk free to negotiate, I believe that the profit of foreign trade enterprises will be able to get very much Great growth!

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